EnviUs Brand

The EnviUs Brand – a division of InSassy Inc. was born with the goal to manufacture safe quality children products for parents like yourself. We’re a brand that offers child safe and worry-free solutions in children products. Our lines of PlayMats and PitBalls are all made from non-toxic and brand new raw materials! We promises the very best in quality and safety for your children, the future of tomorrow!

Our Story

EnviUs, Division of InSassy Inc.

EnviUs’ mission is to provide child safe, environmental friendly, and worry-free solutions thru our manufacturing process to parents. Our products are all tested and cleared by SGS Labs for harmful substances because your Child’s Health and well being is our number One priority. We believe a safe environment and surroundings is crucial to a child’s early development. Our lines of Play Mats and Pit Balls are produced with that simple fact in mind while stimulating the child in a safe environment. EnviUs promises to exceed the expectations when it comes to your child’s safely.