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Are EnviUs Playmats safe for my child?

EnviUs Playmats are completely safe for children of all ages. We can ensure the quality of our Play Mats because we are the manufacturer of the product to which we hold to a very high standard during the manufacturing process. We only use brand new material unlike many other cheaper product which uses recycled material as a base for their products. Our Play Mats are also SGS tested and certified to be safe of any harmful substances. Please refer to our test report for further information.

Why does your product states recommended age being 3+?

We put this safely label on all our Play Mats for one single purpose – Safety. We want to warn parents that children below the age of 3 are usually teething and will tend to bite into anything they can get their little hands on. Hence we want to remind parents to never leave your child unattended whether they are playing on our EnviUs Play Mats or in the playroom.

Does EnviUs Playmats comes with borders?

All our EnviUs lines of Playmats comes with free borders. And unlike other brands, we don’t believe you should be short changed for something you already paid for hence we included more than enough borders for you to complete the look you desire for your children’s play area.

What are EnviUs PlayMats made of?

EnviUs Playmats are made from brand NEW material and of Non-Toxic EVA Foam. They do not contain phthalates as shown by SGS tests done on our lines of PlayMats. Please check the Reports Here.

Are EnviUs PlayMats spill proof?

Yes, all EnviUs Playmats are spill proof and water repellent. The EnviUs Playmats will not absorb any moisture, water or juice when spilled on. This allows the mat to be safer against unwarranted gems and bacteria which can be attracted to moisture. However please do not leave anything that is hot on it as it will permanently damage the surface of the EnviUs Playmat.

Does EnviUs Playmats have toxic fumes or smell?

No, all our EnviUs Playmats are made from brand new materials and have been tested to be NON-TOXIC to all humans. Our Playmats are made of high quality product and procedures unlike other cheap imitations on the market which has a terrible toxic smell when you open the bag.

Will my pet damage the EnviUs Playmats?

We do not advise pets being on the EnviUs Playmats simply due to the fact their claws will damage them. Of course pets are also an essential part of our family hence we do offer Playmats in different combo and sizes for situations like these.

Is the EnviUs Playmats soft enough for my toddler to learn to crawl or walk on?

Yes, we designed our EnviUs Playmats to be fully protective of your child in case of a fall or any mishap. It is soft enough but yet durable for any toddler or child to walk or crawl on.

Can the EnviUs Playmats be used outside?

We generally do not recommend our EnivUs Playmats to be used outdoors due to direct sunlight and heat which will cause the mats to breakdown and deteriorate much quicker. If you must use it outdoors, then please ensure you use it under covered areas or areas that does not get much direct sunlight.

What kind of cleaning agents should I use?

We recommend you use soap and warm water to clean EnviUs Playmats. For tougher ground in dirt or oily residue, warm water and dish soap (Dawn) solution is best.

Can EnviUs Playmats be custom fitted?

Yes, you can custom fit any room with our EnviUs Playmats. All our EnviUs Playmats can be trimmed with an utility knife and a straight ruler for a wall to wall install. Sharp scissors can also be used but the cut might not come out as clean.

Will heavy items or furniture damage the EnivUs Playmats?

Yes, heavy items or furniture will often leave a visible indentation on the EnviUs Playmats after a period of time. Hence we do not recommend you rest heavy items such as the leg of a coffee table on it but instead custom fit it around your furniture.