Snug Plus Play Mats Series

Formamide FREE, Safe Non-Toxic, Non-Recycled, Durable and High Density EVA Playmate for your Toddler and Child; Tested and Cleared by SGS for all 4 Form amide Substances. Our Snug Plus Series consists of 5 sets to fit into any themes or room size your child’s room may have.

  • EnviUs Snug Plus Rainbow 36 set are plain colors with 36 pieces (comes with carrying case). Colors include 6 Red, 6 Orange, 6 Yellow, 6 Green, and 6 Purple.
  • EnviUs Snug Plus Alpha Numeric set are numbers (0-9) and alphabet (A-Z) with 36 pieces (comes with carrying case)
  • EnviUs Snug Plus Alpha Set consists of alphabet (A-Z) with 26 pieces
  • EnviUs Snug Plus Numeric Set are 10 pieces of numbers from 0-9
  • EnviUs Snug Plus Rainbow 9 set which are plain colors with 9 pieces. Colors include 2 Red, 2 Blue, 2 Yellow, 1 Orange, and 1 Purple.

This series play mat each measures 12″x12″x9/16″. All of our play mats comes with free borders.

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